Solventless CBD is a type of CBD that has been extracted without using any chemical solvents. This means that the extraction process does not involve any potentially harmful chemicals, making it a much safer and significantly more practical option for consumers.

The most significant advantage of solventless CBD is that solventless extraction preserves the CBD’s natural integrity. This means solventless CBD is much closer to how CBD exists in nature compared to chemically processed versions of CBD. Our body’s CB1 and CB2 receptors are designed to receive CBD naturally. The closer the CBD is to its natural state, the more efficiently it is absorbed into the skin. Simply put, products made using solventless CBD are more effective because more CBD gets absorbed to work for you.

Solventless CBD is also more effective than chemically processed CBD due to higher concentrations of beneficial cannabinoids. By not degrading the CBD’s natural state, solventless extraction maximizes the therapeutic benefits by preserving all the natural active ingredients in hemp (cannabinoids). This can provide users with a much more potent therapeutic effect and help increase the effectiveness of any CBD-based product.

In addition to being more effective, solventless CBD is also much safer. The solventless extraction process does not involve any of the potentially harmful and skin-irritating chemicals, heavy metals, and toxins that can be exposed to the skin with chemically processed CBD. Solventless CBD is much cleaner and purer than chemically processed CBD and offers far less risk to consumers’ skin. By eliminating the skin’s exposure to harmful and irritating chemicals, solventless CBD is less likely to trigger allergies or reactions in consumers with sensitive skin.

Overall, solventless CBD is a much better option than chemically processed CBD due to its increased effectiveness, higher concentrations of beneficial cannabinoids, and its lower risks of causing adverse side effects or triggering allergies. This makes solventless CBD products the perfect option for consumers with sensitive skin or those seeking a more natural, effective, and safe alternative.”

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