The short answer to this question is “It depends.” Whether topical CBD will appear on a drug test depends on the particular test being used and the products you are using.

Regarding CBD derived from hemp, drug tests are not typically testing for its presence. This is because hemp-derived CBD usually contains less than 0.3% of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive compound found in cannabis, which drug tests are designed to detect. So, in most cases, using a topical CBD product derived from hemp should not trigger a positive result.

However, if the product you are using is derived from cannabis, there is a chance that it could show up on a drug test. This is because cannabis-derived CBD products can contain higher levels of THC, and if the drug test is designed to detect the presence of THC, it could trigger a positive result.

In addition, if the topical CBD product you are using is not labeled correctly or contains contaminants, it could also trigger a positive result. For example, in one study, researchers tested 84 CBD products and found that nearly 70% had higher levels of THC than what was listed on the label.

The takeaway is that if you are using a topical CBD product, it is essential to ensure you are using a quality product from a reputable source. This will help reduce the risk of triggering a positive result on a drug test.

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